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June 27, 2017

Aamul Feel or Waqia e Feel in Urdu

Aamul Feel or Waqia e Feel in Urdu

Waqia e Feel is an important incident in Islamic History. Waqia e feel is also known as Aamul feel. It happened before the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW). Abraha was the Governor General of Yemen. He constructed a large “Kaleesa” because he wanted that people come to his “Kaleesa” for Haj instead of Kaaba in Mecca. Upon failure, he invaded Mecca with large army to destroy Kaaba. His army had 9 or 11 elephants. Meccans were defenseless and ran to the hills because they don’t have power to fight with this Army. When The Army reached Mecca, Allah Sent small birds with stones in their bills. They dropped the stones on Army of Abraha and the army was destroyed.

In this post you can read about the complete Waqia e Feel in Urdu language.

Waqia e Feel Islamic History

The above mentioned details of Aamul Feel are taken from the book “Al Raheeq ul Makhtoom”, which is considered as one of the best books on Seerat e Nabi.

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