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August 17, 2017

Types of Muslim Marriage or Nikah: Valid,Void & Irregular Nikah

Marriage of Nikkah is the most important instituion in Islam. There are three types of Marriages in Islam;

  1. Valid or Sahih
  2. Irregular or Fasid
  3. Void or Batil

Valid Muslim Marriage

According to Hanfi jurists Muslim Marriage can be three types. In case marriage is free from all sort of defects and infirmity, perfect in every respect and absolutely valid, it is called Saheeh. It conforms with all the requirements laid down by the Shara for the marriage;

  • The existence of proposal and acceptance
  • Presence of the witnesses
  • A competency to the contract of marriage
  • Fitness for marriage

Void and Irregular Muslim Marriage

A marriage in which there is a deviation, howsoever, trivial or slight, from the rules of Sharia is not altogether nugatory. These defective marriages are classified into the two categories. In case the defect is of a radical and serious nature the marriage may be nugatory and voic ab initio. So to say in the eye of law it is no marriage at all. Such marriage called Batil or void marriage. Irregular or vicious or fasid marriage is one which is neither perfectly valid nor altogether void. In such case the irregularity or defect in the marriage is not fatal to its existence and marriage of suck kind called fasid or defective marriage.

Instances of Valid, Void and Irregular Marriages

  • A marriage without witnesses is irregular marriage.
  • Fifth marriage of Muslim in presence of four wives is also irregular.
  • Second marriage by Muslim female in presence of first Nikkah is void.
  • Marriage with women undergoing Iddat is also irregular.
  • A marriage prohibited by reason of difference of religion is irregular.


  1. Rameez says:

    Salam, i totally agree with the conditions you just mentioned above but i request you to give me the references from Quran and Hadith so i can tell people about it without any doubt and with a proper references.. thank you..=)

  2. Assalam alaykum, i would like to know if there is a type of marriage called hijjab?

    • saqib afridi says:

      hijab is an arabic word which means proposal it is essential of the marriage one party must propose other party for the marriage and thath marriage is called hijab

  3. Kya larka aur lrki bger ksi witness k zubani ek dusre k sambe us niat sy qabool kre ek dsre ko k hm nikah krty han to nikah ho jae ga???

  4. Plz help me i want to ask something

  5. Huma Baig says:

    If Muslim adult man women performed nikah by own (without qazi) in the presence of two adult witness with all nikah khutba and duain.
    Kindly let us know is it regular marriage ??

  6. Asiya Sheikh says:

    Meri saheli hi aur uska shohar countries me zyada rehta hi…saheli ke bacche bhi hi…tanha tanha rehti hi wo har waqt aur use ek mard se mulakat hui dono chahney lge bht zyada…aur wo mard unmarried hi…wo mere saheli ku batil rishta shadi krna chata hi…kya ye jayaz hi?

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