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August 17, 2017

Types of Hadith in Islam | Different Types of Hadis

Types of Hadith/ Types of Hadis
A Hadith is saying or an act or approval or disapproval of Holy Prophet (PBUH). It is very important source of Islamic law and Islamic Jurisprudence. All the Hadis collectively can further be classified into three categories from the point of view of their inter se priority. The order of their priority is as follows;
There are those traditions which have received universal publicity and acceptance in each one of the three periods namely, the period of the ‘Companions who were more righteous and had often shared the counsel of the Holy Prophet, the period of the successors of the “Companions” known as Tabieen and the period of their  successors known as Tabi Tabieen.
There are those traditions which though known publicly by a great majority of people, do not possess the character of universal fame. They carry conviction of genuineness but are reported by a limited number of Companions and thereafter in the two successive periods aforesaid.
There are those traditions which depend on isolated individuals

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