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August 17, 2017

What are the Basic Sources of islamic Law or Sharia

Islam is complete code of life. Islam is ‘Deen’ which mean complete in all respects. Islamic law system is comprehensive and complete system which provides guidance in every aspect of the life. The fundamental sources of Islamic law or Sharia law are the Holy Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBHH). All Muslim sects whether Sunni or Shia agree upon these two sources.

The Quran is the first and primary source of Islamic law. Quran is book of God or Allah and even after 1400 years it is in its original form and not a single word is changed. Quran provides basic laws which are the fundamentals of Islamic Sharia. It is without any doubt the most basic, uncontroversial and fundamental source of Islamic Sharia or Islamic Laws.

The second primary source of Islamic laws is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Sunnah means all the actions and saying of Holy Prophet. Sunnah is also known as Hadis or Precept.
Ijma is third source of Islamic Law. Basically Ijma means consensus of people on particular issue when there is no guidance available from Holy Quran and Sunnah.
Ijtehad is the fourth source of Islamic Law. When something is not clear from the Holy Quran or Sunnah then deduction can be used. It is the process of deduction which is not to change the law of the text.
Qiyas is also the source of Islamic law. We can compare it with legal fiction in western Jurisprudence. It is based on Quran, Sunnah and Ijma.
These above mentioned source are main source of Islamic law other source includes;
1-    Istihsan
2-    Istislah
3-    Maslaih-al-Mursalah
4-    Istidlal
5-    Illat
6-    Urf
7-    Taqlid


  1. You say the Qur’an has never been changed in 1400 years, but that is not true. It took many years before it was put in book form, and the verses do not go in any order of writing.

    The first Qur’ans had no vowels so were read and interpreted in different ways. How do we know what it ended up being is what was originally written? How do we know the correct vowels were inserted?

    There were 5 different versions of the Qur’an at one time and the ‘Satanic Verses’ were definitely removed. Who is to say that was right? That is definitely a change in the words of the Qur’an. How can you know nothing else was changed or removed or added by those who wrote it in book form to fit their own preconceived beliefs, like with the Satanic Verses? It is not exactly the same as it was written. Why do you tell people things that are not true? A little studying by anyone and they will see they have not been told the truth.

    The more I read the Qur’an, the more I find it hard to believe in such a god of punishment and intolerance. How can Allah be merciful but be so intolerant and hateful to non-Muslims and why is Allah the one who says he will torture people in hell? Isn’t the job for Shaytan? If Allah says he has determined where we will go at death even before we are born, why even bother trying?

    The more I learn, the less I can believe. I was a firm believer until I read the Qur’an and now I’m reading the Ahadith and I must say I find parts of them disgusting, shocking, and utterly ungodly – at least the God I believe in in my heart.

    • @CarolaM
      Well, do you have any evidence that during the period when it was put in order, Quran was changed? Can you kindly tell me what do you really mean by change in Quran or what you perceived from it?
      You talked about language that vowels have been added. Do you know about the theory of language propounded by your so called sociologist? It implies that language and its accent changes every 60 miles. Isn’t it a miracle of Quran Pak that every Muslim in a world reads & recites it in a same accent? Can u please very generally analyze English language in this context, where you have different accent for a single word in America & UK. Where sometimes ‘WATER’ is speak with double‘t’ & sometimes with single‘t’. Moreover what about the spellings of different words! COLOR or COLOUR! Even many words have become obsolete. Now how you can came to know that the vowels were rightly inserted, the answer is of course to recite it as the Muslims do.
      Every religion is divided now into sects and sub sects. This curse is not only present in Muslims but also in Christians and Jews. One has one’s own interpretation of one’s own religion according to one’s own sect. the basic topic of Quran is human being & it has never being changed in any sect. no wording no original text has been changed ever. There has been never happened like spring bible or autumn bible.
      A little studying is as harmful as little knowledge. You need a complete study as you are still at green to analyze and also to present you ideas in a mannered way.
      Next Quran was revealed on Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). History and his life are an ample proof of this testimony that He practiced love, mercy and kindness even to those who teased him as He was given instructions by ALLAH through revelations. The concept of punishment is not for non Muslims but also for Muslims to straighten their lines. you learn and analyze yourself and finally gave brutal comments on them, hurting the sentiments of the followers of this religion. You need to understand & study Arabic language in order to understand the original text of Quran PAK in order if you want to study it solely. Last not least, attitude of any follower of religion doesn’t imply that the religion is corrupt, after all you cannot turn blind eye to human psychology.

  2. wonderful research on islamic law

  3. malikroghani says:

    great research of Islamic law. me and other every body which can going to see thats, need thanks to you people

  4. Obaid Shams says:

    Great site

  5. salam plz share me the link of islamic surcceses in hanifi law also shafi,i hanmbal malik also plz

  6. Aleem ur Rehman says:

    AOA: Can you please give a brief description on different significant variations among the maslaks of bukhari, maliki, shafiee and hamblee. Please also give ur opinion on it. Jazakallah.

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