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August 16, 2017

Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi Naqshbandi of India


Sheikh Ahmad Sirhindi also known as Ahmad Sirhindi Naqshbandi was born in Sirhind, a small town located two hundred kilometers northwest of Delhi. The head of a Sufi lodge as well as a competent religious scholar, he was initiated into three Sufi lineages: the Chishtiyya, the Qadiriyya, and the Suhrawardiyya. The turning point of his life came with a meeting with Muhammad Baqi billah (d. 1603), a Central Asian Naqshbandi shaykh. In three months Sirhindi returned to Sirhind with unconditional permission to transmit the teachings of the Naqshbandi lineage. Three years later Baqi billah died and Sirhindi was recognized by most of Baqi billah’s disciples as the principal successor.
From this point Sirhindi elaborated a new set of Sufi doctrines and disciplines grounded in following the prophetic example (sunna) and Islamic law (shari_a). More than any other Naqshbandi since Baha_uddin, Sirhindi became the pivotal figure in India who redefined Sufism’s role in society and who integrated Sufi practice into strict juristic notions of shari_a observance. Indeed, after Sirhindi’s death, the Naqshbandiyya became renowned as the Naqshbandiyya- Mujaddidiyya, named after Sirhindi’s title of “the renewer of the second millennium” (mujaddid alf-e thani). In the twentieth century selective interpretations of Sirhindi’s thoughts have been utilized by Pakistani nationalists to legitimize the creation of Pakistan.

Sirhindi’s notions of Islamic orthopraxy/orthodoxy and reflections on Sufi doctrine are discussed extensively in his Maktubat (536 Collected Letters), which have been translated from the original Persian into Arabic, Turkish (Ottoman and modern), and Urdu. Other of his writings include Mabda_wa-ma_ad, Makashafat-e _ayniyya, Ma_arif laduniya, Sharh-e ruba_iyat-e khwaja Baqi billah, and Ithbat al-nubuwwa. He is great Indian Muslim Saint.


  1. farhatkhan says:

    rasoolallah s a w ever parform namaze janaza any munafiq if parform pl. quot the name of munafiq

    • Administrator says:

      @Farhat Khan
      thanks for sharing your thoughts with us
      if anybody know please tell us the answer of Farhat’s question

  2. abuzar butt says:

    his name was “abdullah bin abi”
    he also built a mosque “masjid zaraar” (which was later abolished)
    prophet performed his funeral as well as gave him his qurta mubarak on the request of his son.
    however allah has ordered in sura tauba ayat 80-84..that not to pray for munafiq ..but allah has
    not forbidden the funeral….

  3. hanifsusiwala says:

    i feel sijra mubarak must be publish on all your webste.durrelaasani must bepublish in english in simple language . sufism and ilmeladdun should be simplifaide for general reader

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