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August 17, 2017

Selimiye Mosque Edrine Turkey Wallpapers & Details

Selimiye Mosque Turkey

City of Edirne is beautiful Turkish city which is popular among the tourists. One reason of its popularity is the beautiful Selimiye Mosque. This perfect example of ottoman architecture was built by Sultan Selim 2 during 1569 and 1575. Its architect Mimar Sinan termed it as his masterpiece and highest achievements of Islamic Architecture.

This mosque is declared as Heritage site in 2011. Height of its central doom is 141 feet and it has four minarets (each 272 feet high). It is built by using marble and cut stone. Overall it is one of the most beautiful mosques in Turkey.

The Selimiye Mosque Wallpapers

Here in the following photo gallery we have designed some beautiful wallpapers of this beautiful mosque.

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