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August 17, 2017

Mutta Marriage or Temporary Marriage Contract in Shia Islam

Muta marriage is valid type of marriage in Shia jurisprudence. The Shia law recognizes two kinds of marriage;

Permanent marriage
Muta Marriage or Temporary Marriage

A Shia of the male sex may contract a muta marriage with a woman professing the Muslim, Christian or Jewish religion, or even with a woman who is a fire-worshiper, but not with a woman following any other religion. But a Shia woman may not contract muta marriage with a non-Muslim.
It is essential to the validity of a muta marriage that, the period of cohabitation should be fixed and this may be a day, a month, a year or a term of year and some dower should be specified. When the term and the dower have been fixed, the contract is valid. If the term is fixed but the dower is not specified, the contract is void. But if the dower is specified, and the term is not fixed the contract, though void as a muta, may operate as a permanent marriage.

Consequences of Muta Marriage/characteristics of Muta Marriage

  1. Muta marriage does not create mutual rights of inheritance between the man and the woman but children conceived while it exists a legitimate and capable of inheriting from both parents.
  2. A muta marriage is dissolved ipso facto by the expiry of the term. No right of divorce is recognized in the case of a muta marriage, but the husband may at his will put and end to the contact of marriage by making a gift of the term to the wife, even before te expiration of the fixed term.
  3. If muta marriage is not consummated, the woman is entitled to half the dower.
  4. A woman married in the muta form is not entitled to maintenance under the Shia law.

Muta marriage is criticized by many Sunni jurists and also now day’s Human Right activists are against this sort of marriage and they consider it form of exploitation against women.


  1. Salaam. I have been in a relationship with an Iranian man…….I have some questions concerning our situation. He told me we could unofficially marry over the phone. He did not call it Temporary Marriage. The Dower was specified, but the term, no specification. He lives in Iran I live in the USA. Due to finances..we are not together as of yet. My question is: Was this a valid unofficial marriage??? He told me I was going to be his new wife, but because Divorce is shunned in his traditional Shia customs he could not divorce his wife with him there. He said he had to leave his country to do it in fear of her families retalliation. He wanted to come here to get his PHD. He Said he wanted to marry me, but it would only be official if I married in Iran. I told him that there are thousands of Mosques here in the USA. That should not be a problem. He also promised me he would not take on any other wives or seek temporary wives. Well he is not here yet. He got his wife pregnant, second child during this time frame. After 3 years, of him telling me he loved me and I was the only one for him, he told me recently that he needed to find himself. That we were a temporary marriage only and that he never had the intention on marrying me, ever. Come to find out there are other women that he has professed his undying love to, wanting to know if they have an inheritence, if they have a place for him to stay if he comes to their countries..ie. Germany, England, New Zealand, USA…high Muslim countries I might add. Now every time I asked if there was another he would get angry with me and tell me not to accuse him. Well I was right. He has others, but none of them wanted that kind of relationship with him. He told the woman in Germany he would wait for her. I have also learned that this man who does not like to be accused even when there is sufficient evidence to his answer of no there are no women. Tell me please: Is this person abusing Temporary Marriages???? He ask about inheritence, he asks about Vistas, if they are married etc. He did this to me at the beginning also. I had nothing to hide, but he was aggressive in his tone. He is a school teacher in Iran. He just told me recently…3 weeks ago that he loves his wife and he will never leave her because of the girls, but in the same paragraph over the computer he is asking me about how to get into the USA??? He nagged me to death about coming to the USA. At my expense, of course out of love for him that is. Am I wrong…is he being honest? He lied about his women…all 11 of them. I have not found out any to be temp wives, but he was working on 4 of them, plus me…I assume I am a temp marriage also. Even though your paragraph read as: Dower was specified, the term was not fixed, void as a muta..may operate as a permanent marriage. Is it considered a permanent marriage???? The only person who knew was his brother who is a holy man in a Mosque. Or is he using the temp marriage clause to exploit women??? He just up and changed his mind on me that fast. That is why I asked him who she was??? He lied and said there was no one…there was: A german, an English, and 2 Americans plus me. I think he is web camming and abusing me for one and of couse everything that Allah and Mohammad(PBUH) ever said. I feel so sad, uncomfortable and used. I converted to Islam through this man. I believe in the Quran, Allah, and Mohammad(PBUH). I was extrememly concerned for the exploitation of women not only by the temporary marriage clause, but on the internet for webcamming and fullfilling his sexual urges. I feel he is being extremely lustful, greedy…because of all the inheritence questions he layed on these women..I know………..I do not know if I did the right thing, but I emailed all 11 of them and told them of his apparent intentions. They deleted themselves from his Interpals..penpal site. He was extremely angry with me and ordered me today to apologize to all of them in a letter format. I do not feel right. I am suppose to tell them I made a mistake. I do not feel right about a man, any man exploiting women for sex!!! He did similar things to this before I met him..we will say for the record..he was shifty.. Another question: If temporary marriages or marriage like ours are acceptable, why does he lie to his permanent wife about me and him???? Now everything I have told you he has denied, everything. I have in my possession all the letters from the women who say otherwise. He looked at them for sex, money, vista etc is what I am reading in their emails. He denies it all. He told a mutal friend yesterday…that he wants many temporary wives, but only one permanent wife..the one he is with. I asked him about it and he said he never said that. He said it is a sin if they are not temporary wives. To be honest: He is doing it for sex, money and vista. What does all of this sound to you??? Should I tell those women I made a mistake because I do not believe I did. He told me he will never apologize for what he has done with all those women in particular to me, for hurting me and breaking my heart. Is he manipulating Shia Laws?????? So he can have sex with multiple partners??????? That is what is sounds like to me. I have known him to lie many many times in the past, only to deny his lies. Even when they hang him, he still denies them. He told me those women all of them are fabricating lies against him. Amazingly enough most became my friends, 3 did not acknowlege, my email or my attempt, but passed the copies of my message to him.
    I love him, but I am not blind. We would all love to believe in our loved ones, but his seemingly lying problem and chasing women and not even telling his wife the truth about me….or them for that matter………tells me he is lying to me. All I see is a man who wants a vista, someones inheritance and lots of sex from all of his many to be temporary wives. I do not like what I see……..can you please help me……..I feel lost. He is demanding I send them a ltter to make him look good again…should I??? I am lost. I am sad. He said we will talk about us when I send those letters..I see him leaving me. He told me he wants me to put in those letters that he wants them to acknowledge that they received a copy of my written apology. Yet int he same paragraph he said he didn’t care if they became his friends or not. He said they were not his friends…Frankly with all the lies and deceptions…I feel I shoul d just walk away. Which is extremely hard because my heart loves him. The good person I saw in him. We have no legal binding contract at all. But there is also no specified period of time for us either. What can I do??? He has denied everything, but just told a mutual friend he wanted many temp wives????? What do you think about all of this mess? He also admitted to this mutal friend that he did ask about Vista, temporary marriages and inheritence to these women. I will listen to all your advise….I feel I am being used. He also wanted me to do 65 separate, 6 page reviews on poems for his PHD. I can not do that…..I have hyperthyroidism..I am not well, I refuse to be taken advantage of. He told me I was a liar because I would not do it for him. He told me if I loved him to do it for him. I feel I am being taken for a ride……I will wait for your reply. Sincerely and with much thanks for your advice and help, Zahraa

    • Fardeen Amiri says:

      Sister Zahra, I read your story. I feel sorry that you found the wrong guy. If he is a good muslim, he would never have any relationship behind his wife (no matter you call it temorary marriage or not). eccept shiah’s, no one else accept temporary marriage. In fact, it is concedered zina which is a big sin in all other madhabs(other than shia’s). Although, shia’s accept temporary marriage, they don’t have any record of the familly of prophet or any of there immams who had done temporary marriage. I feel sorry for those people who brings religios arguements in here. In fact they don’t have sufficiant knowledge of what they are saying. It just what they have heard from others. If they are sure about their arguments they should discus it with scholers not in here.
      Anyways, sister zahra please think of life as a whole and don’t run after love. Instead let love follow you. Once you put your faith to Allah and submet to him, you will find inner peace. you will find that life has much more in to it than just finding a man who loves you. This type of person does not deserve your love. Make you heart place for Allah, love allah and seek his pleasure, you will be amazed how others will love you. You will fine your ture personality and you will see the world in a defferent way. That is because you would know the purpose of your existance. This can also cure your hyperthyroidism because it is directly related to you feelings and emotions. Once you submit to Allah and follow Allah’s commands, you find a balance in your life. Your actions and emotions will have a balance. My wife had thyroid hormone problems which is gone away for years since she is praying regularly now.
      I pray that Allah SWT will help you and all of us to live our life the way that will fullfill the purpose of our lives. May Allah help us to be guided and find peace in this life and hereafter. Ameen!
      If you like to discus more about this issure or anything else, feel free to email me at amirifardeen@hotmail.com.

    • Muhammd Riaz says:

      Dear Zahara,
      you should learn the Quranic with its essence and then should follow the islam, there is no such meaning of the verse which is used as a reference by shia

      • Taimoor Khan says:

        Dear Zahra,
        Our purpose on this earth is to control our desires and live our life devoted to Allah or humanity.
        Young muslims were made assasins just for pleasure of paradise, now a days sucide bombers are trained for the lust of hoors and pleasures of jannah.. i have met maaaany pious people who desire for the meeting with Nabi(s.a.w) or for the deedar of allah,,, nooooooot for Hooors, Rivers of honey pleasures of paradise. Only greedy people wish for these things. Allah has promised paradise to all muslims but people of higher spirits wish only for meeting with Nabi(s.a.w) and Allah. Just control your earthly desires. Men these days are only interested in S**.. The area where i belong we just marry once whether you are a man or women. Mattah like concepts contadicts the concept of marrige in islam..

  2. Dear Zahara,
    I read the whole story.. and i think that you are one of those dumb blonde…

    Here is my suggestion – either take it or trash it..

    “Just move over… ”

    Treat him like one of your past. You have done more than enough to get him back to you and back on track..
    Even then if he is not listening, just leave him and move over.

    I am sure you will forsure find a true love for you waiting with open arms.. but this guy is not the one.

    I really do appreciate that you have messaged / informed all the other girls about his intentions. Thats pretty decent job that you have done.. But please dont waste your time on him any more..

    Read Quran, and read the meaning of it. Practice Islam and you will find inner peace.

    I am not saying that I am a saint or a preacher.. i am just another sinful person who is looking upto Allah for forgiveness…

    And believe me at times it is best to leave it to Allah. After all he got a job to do ūüôā and he does best in what he does..
    Leave it on Allah… just tell Allah in your prayers one thing – “I leave this on you. decide for me for what is best for me”..

    and move on..

    This is not the end of your life.. and that person who is still struggling to get a visa to enter into US will never get a Visa by these means.. US counsellate is stronger than what he thinks… those people in US Councils are not jokers.. they do their jobs properly. And to cross them he needs much more than wooing girls around the world.

    Take care
    Hope it helps you…

    enjoy in life..
    May Allah guide you to the correct path.


  3. good advisore says:

    Please Zahra listen my advise , u dont know who are shia, they all do the mutas that mean they all born from muta ,it is zina(sexrelationship) not allowed in any religion.and in islam not permissiable.
    u think and imagine one lady do muta with one person and next time with others ……..
    is it true? No….shias are not true muslims.who talk against their prophets and his friends who preach the islam in the word . very bad …Islam is a pure and beatiful religion.all bad things not allowed.Now i would like to say that pls through this person ,and get a new life.and u will get a true muslim in usa or subcontenent or other places.in islam sex or any bad relationship with another female or male not allowed, pig or another unislamic meat or chicken not allowed.visky or bear or alchol not allowed. etc
    5 times pray with ablution( wash the face ,hands ,wet hands on head, and foots ).
    u dont see the peaple if they do so many bad things so that not nice thats why now a days every where bad situation in the world bcz we dont follow the good things.
    u can search our prophet Muhammed peace be apon him and his freinds.every good things he told to the sahaba(his friends) and they preach the islam all over the world.now they have graves every where in the world. when they were going any where in the world Allah (the true god) helped them every where.u can see the book Hayat Al Sahaba(written by Mlna Yousuf in india).
    so who are belive on them and follow them he is a true mulsim.
    we can pray for our good life here and in the day of judgement.

    • Jamal ElHammoud says:

      At least have the guts to not hide behind a fake identity. It is people like you who are the main reason Islam is still looked upon by most westerners as a brutal, old and retarded religion. If you want to speak against shias, good for you but pay attention to the fact that you don’t have two brain cells to rub together as evidenced by your ghastly and ugly comments about your fellow Muslims, it’s really a shame that you really call yourself a Muslim.

    • Mr good advisor,,plz dnt spread a wrong message,,,I m shia,,and i think i know shia religion better then u,,noyhing sort of believes u have talked about shia,,now i tel u who are shia,,,Shia are the muslims who believe in IMMat insted of Khilafat(Caliphood)..so plz read the islamic history of Hazart Immam Ali and all 3 Caliph,,and their relation with Prophet(PBUH),,,Allhamdolila we love our Prophet Mohammas)PBUH) as evry muslim does rather more then that—we have a strong believe that whosoever have hurt Prophet(PBUH),his Daughter)Fatima, his grand sons,Immam Hassan, and Hussain,,,we dnt belive in those caliphs,,,,,,Karbala is the event which is defines muslim,,which differtiate between muslim and Kafir,,,Allhamdolila we Shia are believers of Hussain(A.S) and His companions,,,decide urself that all Commanders of Yazeed were from which families,,their links,,,their tribe ,,u people follow those tribe of Banu Ummaia,,,,,,Dear dnt misguide others,,read the history of islam,,if u cant just read the history of Karbala,,,,u will come to know,,,

  4. Assalam O Alikum Zahra .. I’ve neither much to say nor to advice but only i want to say you is that you’re one of the strong girls .. you ought not listen to him now & just think he wasn’t in your real life, you just haveth the worst dream & thst it! well like ST i either appreciate you that you showd his real worst face to other girls who’d be like you ! you have saved alot of girls life by this act. i know its very hard to forget the person whom once you had taken as a life but you have no other option … dont feel that you’re being used but feel that your being examed by AL MIGHTY ALLAH who thought that you can perform it fully .. just try to pass his exams with good marks & nothing you’ve to do .. He is the most merciful! just read & follow Quran & avoid shiites!

  5. Ehsan karim says:

    U people are blind, you dont have a source to get hiddayah (Guidance), bcz it is not possible without a spiritual leader. Quaran is complete guide but we normal humans cannot understand it in light of our problems of today, like Zahraa is facing.

    So understand the Prophet’s(P.B.U.H) speech at Ghadeer e Khum after returning from his last pilgrimage. Allah has given a true solution and guidance to us but most of Muslims are blind to see and understand it.

  6. Jamal ElHammoud says:

    I second Ehsan, the hadith at Ghadeer Khumm after the prophets (PBUHAHF (And His Familly, the last three letters in case you’re wondering)) last pilgrimage is an undeniable proof that Shias are the practitioners and followers of true Islam because they faithfully follow this hadith unfortunately unlike our Sunni brothers. In this day and age, I can’t believe the are retards (like appiiee) who still speak words worthy of Jahiliyya (…& avoid shiites!).
    As for Zahraa’s dilemma, it has nothing to do with mutta marriage or otherwise, the Iranian guy is a lying shmuck and could have easily taken advantage of our Sunni sister even if he were Sunni himself (for example by convincing her to accept a form of marriage very common nowadays (with Sunni) known as Misyar).
    Please for all our Sunni brothers out there reading blogs such as this one, do your homework and listen carefully for both sides of the story (here about mutta and such) before forming an objective opinion.

    Best for all.

  7. Dear ALL,

    i wish to comment that mutta has nothing to do with this case, if the person is dishonest, he will still play with the girl in the name of Nikka, the entire west live on contractual marriage and have kids too, why dont you then call it bad, the only problem is that they do it with out taking GOD’s blessing..the sect of shia or sunni is only created due to mullaha..i take guidance from Quran and clearification/tafseer from Ahhle Bait A.S and keep my actions in line to what Quran and AHHLE BAIT has asked us to do in our day to day life….. it is the agony that we do not research and beleive what majority says, where as on last Haj at ghadeer, Prophet S.A.W made it clear who is the next to seek guidance from,If we just take Quran the only source of hidayat then we will be lost, it was Prophet who guided us how to offer Namaz and how many times, when we beleive in that then what is the problem in beleiving in what HE ordered us at Ghadeer???

    Just think logically and do not make such statements that who is right and who is wrong, being true muslims we have to follow ALL the instruction of Holy Prophet S.A.W who gave us Quran and in HIS last statement, HE told that HE is leaving behind Quran and his ITRAT and muslims have to hold both of them together as they will take us to Kausar..ITRAT is the word we need to know that it means HIS Ahhle BAIT which are Panjetan PAK..

    For GOD sake make the true research and do not confin your self only what you beleive or what you feel is right..ISLAM is submission to GOD and Prophet and not to argue with THEM.


  8. Ne te fatigue pas fr√®re, ” nous avons mis devant leur yeux et derri√®re eux des carcans et ils ne peuvent plus voir”. Ils resteront ignorant sauf ceux qui se donneront la peine de r√©fl√©chir

  9. mohammed arif says:

    my dear sister zahra,i do not know what is the shia.that life is not carrect.this is zina.you thinking about your life,god bless you.

  10. V. student of university says:

    to all:
    That’s not about Islam, Sunni, Shia… why condemning Shittes?! These are enemies who try to spilt Sunni and Shia, we all have a holy book and prophet in common. a lot of people in Iran pretend to be Muslims but they ARE NOT. So they do not obey Islam rules. We have the ability to think wisely and decide which way is the best. To marry and rely on a guy in this way do not seem logical at all.

  11. Al-kaseem Kajuru says:

    Good Comments by good muslims

  12. Is there any divorce in mutta?

  13. Jamal Hussain says:

    Good Advisor and all others read this than you will know your status you are a muslim or not because if you are not following prophet you are not a muslim read and decide with yourself also this all evidence is from Sunni Books not from shia and if you are not agree with quran and sunnah of prophet than you know your position.

    Muta is a form of marriage, there is Nikah (permanent Marriage) and Muta (Temporary marriage). Both are allowed in Islam

    The Holy Qur’an says: Then as to those by whom you take pleasure (by contracting Mutah marriage) give them their appointed dowers. (Surah an-Nisa‚Äô, 6:24)

    According to the copy of the Qur’an held by Ibn ‘Abbas, the verse ran as follows:

    Then as to those by whom you take pleasure for a pre¬≠determined period….

    The same is the reading of Ubay bin Ka’b, Ibn ‘Abbas, Sa‚Äėid bin Jubayr and al‚ÄĎSuddi. Qatadah and Mujahid also have the same version. They actually add the phrase, ‘for a predeter¬≠mined period’ to explain the import of the verse.

    Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3249:
    Jabir b. ‘Abdullah reported: We contracted temporary marriage giving a handful of (tales or flour as a dower during the lifetime of Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) and durnig the time of Abu Bakr until ‘Umar forbade it in the case of ‘Amr b. Huraith.”

    Narrated Abu Nadhra:
    While I was in the company of Jabir Ibn Abdullah (RA), a person came to him and said that Ibn Abbas (RA) and Ibn Zubair differed on the two types of Mut’a (Mut’a of Hajj and Mut’a of women), whereupon Jabir said: We used to do these two during the life time of Allah’s Messenger (PBUH&HF). Umar then forbade us to do them, and so we did not revert to them.

    Sunni references:
    Sahih Muslim, English version, v2, chapter DXLI (titled: Temporary Marriage), Tradition #3250.
    Sahih Muslim, Arabic version, 1980 Edition Pub. in Saudi Arabia, v2, p1023, Tradition #17, also v2, p914, Tradition #1249.

    Jabir said: ‚ÄúWe used to contract Mutah marriage in ex¬≠change for a handful of dates and flour during the days of the Holy Prophet, Abu Bakr and ‘Umar. It was only during the last days of the Caliphate of ‘Umar that it so happened that ‘Amr ibn Hurayth contracted Mutah marriage with a woman and she became pregnant. When the report of this incident reached ‘Umar he banned Mutah marriage‚ÄĚ Al Musannaf by Abdur Razzaq, Vol. VII, p.496, Chap. Mutah.

    Therefore, we can see that Umar is the one who forbade it not the holy prophet (P.) so if you follow the Holy Quran and the Sunnah of the holy Prophet, you may do it. If you follow the Words of Umar, you should not. Make your choice!

    • Dear Hussian. If Mutta i correct and rightful in Islam. I wish to make mutta with your sister for one year and i will give her their appointed dower.

      • Syed Asad Ali says:

        Don’t talk rubbish.

        He is giving you references from Hadees.

        Mutah is not prefered, and no women (even shia) will prefer it.

        Second point, is Mutah has been distorted by some aalims. They are many conditions in Mutah marriage just as Misyar marriage.

        Some shia alims also distorted Mutah’s basic eligibility.

  14. Jan Azhari says:

    Dear Brothers & Sisters!
    1st of all I want to inform you that I cannot know English best, so I want to say my feelings in URDU:-

    Main koi aalim to nahin laikin Buzurkan-e-Deen, Ulma Kram sy kuch nasihat aamaiz batain suneen, jo jhori boht zehn main hain, main unhain aap tamam satheyon sy share krna chahta hoon;

    Ahadees Sharif k Mafhoom:-

    1- Aik Shakhs sy Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe WaAalehi Wasallam ny Farmaya k Too aor tera sara maal tery Baap (Father) ka hy;

    2- Mard pr sb sy ziada hq us ki Maan (Mother) ka hy;

    3- Aorat (Wife) pr sb sy ziada Hq us k Shohar (Husband) ka hy;

    4- Tum main sb sy baetreen Shakhs wo hy jo apny Ahl-o-Aayal (Family) k liye behtr ho Aor Tum Sb sy Ziada Behtr Main hoon.

    Mandarja bala Ahadees Mubarika main ghor kia jay to maloom hota hy k Aap Sallallaho Alaihe WaAalehi Wasallam ny hamary liy kitni Aasaniyan Farma deen hain laikin hm sif aor sif apni aqal ka istamal krty hoye apni life ko mushkil bana laity hain.

    Meri Aap sb sy Guzarish hy k mandarja bala Ahadees Mubarika ki mazeed Tahkeeq karain or apny liye aasanian Mazhab-e-Islam sy hasil karain.

    Duaoon ka Talib

    Imran Ali Azhar
    (Jan Azhari)

  15. The hadith (prophetic statements and traditions) can be quoted to support this position.
    In the hadith collection of Tirmizi, Abdullah Ibn Abbas narrates:
    “Temporary marriage was at the beginning of Islam. A man comes by a town where he has no acquaintances, so he marries for a fixed time depending on his stay in the town, the woman looks after his provisions and prepares his food, until the verse was revealed: ‘Except to your wives or what your right hands possess.'”
    Muhammad later abolished this type of marriage at several different large events, the most accepted being at Khaybar in 7 AH (629 CE) Bukhari 059.527 and at the Victory of Mecca in 8 AH (630 CE). Most Sunnis believe that Umar later was merely enforcing a prohibition that was established during Muhammad’s time.

    So its upto you what you..!!
    well whether its wrong or right why do temporary marriages? to have sex and fun..??
    use your own mind..!! THINK IF YOUR SISTER OR MOTHER DO THIS..??

  16. M samiuddin khan says:

    zehra,, you are bad luck ,, you got friendship with shia and further he deceived you after marriage,, They are not muslims,, in their sect mutta is correct sawab,, they dont have any civilization, they have sexual contacts with their mother , father, sister, brother, they dont bother in it to make sexual contacts with family members on the name of mutta,, you try to forget your past as Allah takeout you from the hell ..Allah support you…

  17. shia are the black sheep in islam.they kill sultan Muhammad fateeh(who conqure qastateenya “istanbol”.they attack on kabba in 1979.they dont offer prayer.only in muharam they beat theirself .sunni (hanfi)ulama can explain it better.

  18. Mian Faiz Muhammad says:

    Mutta is prohabited in Islam see Hadees No.3422 Sahih Muslim kitabunnikkah.

  19. i need mutta so any shia girl contect me my email amirhussain423@yahoo.com and cell number is 0923144294006

    • bunny bugs says:

      mja ap ki bahin ka sth mutta karna ha amirhussain agr ya bat ap koi khai tu kesa laga ga mein aik muslim hun ur Allah ka nabi (SAWW) per yakin rakhta hun ur Allah ki kasim agr mja asi koi bat kar da tu mein us ka asa hall karo ga jesa karna ka haq hota ha

      • bhai bey sahara women widow mutliqa say jayez hay nikkah temporary 5 sal ya 10 sal us ka wirasat main koi hissa nahe hota dear.

  20. Zobia Abbas says:

    I need mutta , if any shia’s boys interest in mutta so please contact me

  21. zobia conect me

  22. i m married i have kids and wife i m not rich man but working in ksa i need one shia rich women who will make marry wd me honest becoz of future my kids i know no one like this but its true i will be honest wd my 1st wife and will come other one i will not leave 1st and my kids and i will give love who she will come new in my life ,thanks i m 36 years old if any one interested can contact me thanks a lot please don,t mind any one .

    • aap tou mal say mohabbat kartay ho, mana keya hay rasool nay,

      jab kisi aurat say nikkah karo tou 3 batain na hon

      1. us ka mall
      2. us say shewat ka kheyal.
      3. ya bauhat zaida beauty

      sirf aur sirf unsiat qaim karna dear, hum sub phatri say utar gaye hain, bus muslim hain.

      Rehan Sheikh

  23. bashir Ahmed says:

    Curse and lant on those who are looking to do muttah. I asked them that are you ready that any body fuck you sisters doughters for giving some amount. this is ZINA

  24. LOL every one was criticizing each other comment and everyone was showing himself Alima Din and Einstein through his words and advices.Immediately a girl come and comment any one want to mutta and every one just drift away from topic and began to start offer of Matta.Hahahahhahahahahah

    @Zahraa Madam Allah has given you brain make your own decision and always take suggestion from your family not on forum .

  25. The ones who have written wrong info just got from their**** end *****blind mullas against very pure islam Shia. You ****** people do not even know what’s Islam. Do you ever know that Mutah was legal in our Prophet PBUH and first Kalif Abubakr as per your books then it was prohibited by second Kalifa Omar. It is bright that you believe Omar than Prophet PBUH. ***********

  26. Guys stop fighting abt shias are better or sunnis. We believe in allah and saw (pbuh) so that should be enough for our unity. Isk agey kaun kisme believe krta h kise kya lagta h isse kya lena dena. In the end sabko apne amal ka hisab dena h. Akhir faisla sbka allah k sath h..
    non muslims particularly hindus belonging to different ‘castes’ (unequal in religious status) are standing together united and we being just ‘sects’ are fighting amongst ourselves.. get some brains. Think rationally

  27. Nikkah say maqsad ye hota hay kay aap us aurat say unseyat qaim karo us ka kheyal rakho aur pak damani ikhtiyar rakho ye Allah Ka Hukum hay, agar aap kay dill main zara sa bhe galat kheyal ho ga tou ye kam galat ho jayega ku kay amal ka daromadar neeyato per hota hay.
    appa zahen ko naik au achay kheyalat main rakho in sha allah sub acha hoga.

    Rehan Sheikh

  28. syed danish naqvi says:

    To all Shia haters, kindly STUDY the Holy Book, reading or reciting will definitely give you nothing. Kabhi ghor say Quran parho,,, Ahmad Raza Braylwi ki Jild bhi or Farman Ali Johery ki bhi,,, bahas karnay say bahtar hai parho or smaj naa ayy toh puchaa karoo ,,, tahqeeq karo,,, or yarr kyaa batt kartay ho yarr tum naam ni laytaa ,,, k shiaa muslim bhi nai hain,,, jao jakarr jonsaa marzi quran jiski marzi tafseer layy aoo tumhay Mutta mai mai usmay parhaa dyta hu
    or muttah Rasool Pak k dorr say thaa unkay Parda farmanay k baad jo cheez unkay door may shuru hui unho nay hidayat ki toh mayra nai Khyall k Khalifaa ho ya koi bhi usayy koi haqq hai usay haramm kahnayyy kaa,,,, mayrri baat sunn myry bhaii,,, agarr ilaam naa ho toh moo band rakhtay hainn,,,, izat rahh jatii hai,,, or bhi bohat si batain hain yay wo platform nai hai jaha karu mai,,, kafirr kahtayy ho tu mai hun kafirr ,,, kyun k ahlayy Bait A.S ka ishq smajhnna ho tohh kafir dunyaa ki nazroo may hona padta hai or fakharr hai mujay kafirr honay parr bagghii honay parr,,,, yay History bhi gawahhh hai k Karballa mayy Imam Hussain mayray aqa k 72 k kafilay ko kisnay Kafir or baghii kaha thaa uskaa baap kon hai or uskaa dada kon hai uski maa kon hai or daddi kon hai,,, Myry Imam k us dushman ki history mai kyaa btauu khud jantay ho tum,,, or yay bhi k uski baitt k liay or uskaa sathh kis kis nay dia,,, zraa MUTTAAHH ko chorr k naa MUTALIAAA karoo,,, tumari soch molvion hi ki tara rahni hain unhi molvion ki tarah jinho nay Hussain k khilaff fatwayyy lagay thayy,,, baat kartayy ho haramm ki ,,, biddatatin kis k dorr may aiin yay b tumay pata hai,,, Sahi Bokhari tumharii apas mayy milti nai tum halal haram ka kyaa ptaaa,,, kisi ki tafseer may koi gustakhii toh kisi ki tafseer mayy koi,,, sabboot chahyay naa tohh kabhi apni kitabon ko khud bhi parhh liaa karo humay bolnay say pahlay,,, or naa smajj ayy naa toh puch laynaa authentic baat karuga tumhari he books ko samnay rakhh k,,, tumay lajawab na kia toh Hussain ka ashiq or Syedzada nai. name toh apna likhtay nai sahi denay ko advise atay ho,,,

    • syed zadi says:

      well said Shah g (y)

    • kya bat hy, Mola salamat rakhy ya lai madad kehnay walon ko, Jahan Jalan hoti hy wahan zaban chalti hy or jahan knowledge hota hy wahan qalam chalta hy, or jab qalam chalna shoro hojay to achay achay ki zaban rok dyti hy…..

      Geeoooo shah g…….

      Ay Allah men tujh say doaa karta hon k to un sab ko hidayat dy jo ( Rasool Sallallaho Alehay Wa’alyhi Wasalam) ki All ko samjhny men dair kar rahy hen….

    • Maaz khan says:

      Bhai ap ne itna bara lecture tou dedia mgr aik jaga bhi ap ne quote ni kia kisi authentic Hadees ki kitab ya Quran e Pak se.

  29. Zahra I think you are made why you write long story I don’t read it **** . concern the nourosergen bye

  30. **** its so strange marraige for 1 day 2 days a week or month wow! whats this is it a joke definetly its a 2nd name of zina and .****** when a child will born from this wont be haram defenitly ****

  31. Hey plz help me….. Mutta’s aayat and surah name please

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