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July 26, 2017

Prophet Mosque in Madina

Masjid Al Nabawi photo

Masjid Al Nabawai which is also known as “Prophet’s Mosque” is the second most sacred place of Muslims after Kaaba. Masjid Nabavi is situated in Madina, Saudi Arabia. Here we have designed some HD wallpapers of Masjid Nabawi for year 2012. Check out these two tall minarats of mosque of Prophet.


  1. When I hear any, just one prominent Muslim ledaer stand up and denounce the attack perpetrated by Muslims in the name of Islam on 9/11 will I consider it okay for them to build a mosque anywhere in the USA.The fact is, whether any particular Muslim practices the religion religiously, violence is inherent in and inseparable from Islam. Read your Koran.

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