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August 17, 2017

Marriage to Non-Muslim Women | Quranic View

Status of previous marriage of non-Muslim women when non-Muslim Women married with Muslim
Requirement of “Fiqah” is that if a married non-Muslis woman embraces Islam she must inform her husband of the conversion. The husband either embraces Islam within the period of Iddat, in which case the marriage continues, or he remains a non-Muslim even after expiry of Iddat Period, in which case the marriage would stand dissolved. The Iddat is imposed in order to provide opportunity to the non-Muslim husband to consider whether he wishes to embrace Islam and also as a matter of public policy in order to ascertain whether the woman is pregnant by earlier husband so as to avoid confusion of parentage.
Quranic View about marriage of non-Muslim women with Muslim
In Surat Baqra it is stated that by conversion to Islam, a non-Muslim lady’s earlier marriage with a non-Muslim man is dissolved an on account of her subsequent marriage with a Muslim, she is not guilty of any offence.

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