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August 17, 2017

Marriage, Nikkah in Islam Definition and Concept

Marriage is very important institution in Islam. Marriage or Nikah’ can be defined as a contract which has for its object the procreation and the legalizing of children. A legal marriage in Islam can be defined as ‘a marriage contracted and solemnized in accordance with Shariah with all its constituents and condition and without any legal impediment.
Islam defines the many important objects of marriage. First and most important is the procreation and legalization of children. Holy Quran define the objects of marriage; Sukun mean satisfaction or comfort, lit, peace of mind, Muaddat mean love and Rahmat mean kindness, sympathy or compassion. No doubt the main object and result of a matrimonial alliance is indisputably the procreation of children and solace which a man is to get according to the Holy Quran out of a marriage is not merely the satisfaction of a sexual desire but something which is innate in that desire and for which nature ahs created that desire in human beings.

Toady there is misconception about Islam that Islam does not give freedom and rights to women which is totally wrong because in Islam the respect of women is of very important. Islam has never conferred power/right upon the husband to take law into his hands and to kill his spouse for any wrong committed by her. Even in case of fornication the Qazi has to decide and fix the liability and impose penalty and it is not for the husband to perform the duty of Qazi and impose penalty of her choice.
I will briefly explain the important ingredients and other aspects of marriage in Islam in my next article.


  1. abdulaleem says:

    why mohammad s.a.s. done khitana
    i m engineering student living in pune

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