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August 16, 2017

Jamal Uddin Afghani a Great Muslim Reformer

Jamal al-Din Afghani, one of the most influential Muslim reformers of the nineteenth century, was most likely born in Asadabad, Iran, into a Shiite family. Throughout his life, however, he emphasized his Afghan ancestry, perhaps to broaden his appeal to Sunni Muslims. Little concrete information is available about his early life, but he probably received a traditional Islamic education in Iran and Iraq.

During a visit to India around 1855, he was exposed to Western scientific and political thought for the first time. His stay in India coincided with the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 (the Indian revolt against the East India Company), and his attitudes toward European and particularly British imperialism may have begun to form then. Around 1866, Afghani began his peripatetic career as a Muslim intellectual and political activist by accepting a post in the government of Afghanistan.

Over the next thirty years he traveled to or resided in Istanbul, Cairo, Paris, London, Tehran, and St. Petersburg, frequently being forced to relocate because of his reformist views and political activities. Afghani is commonly viewed as the nineteenth century’s chief ideologue of pan- Islamism. But his ideas, many of them expressed through the journal al-_Urwa al-wuthqa (The firmest grip; a reference to Qur_an 2:256, 31:22), which he copublished with Muhammad _Abduh, never amounted to a coherent ideology. More than anything else, Afghani was driven by opposition to European imperialism in Muslim countries, which he argued could be fought only by a rejuvenation of Islamic culture.


  1. khayber says:

    “Sayed Jamaluddin Afghan is From Iran”
    this is not true, he was born in Asadabad, Kunar province of Afghanistan, not in Asadabad of Iran.

  2. Ahmad javid says:

    Dear punisher of this article, if You do not have correct information why you just wrore lie about said Jamal udin Afghani.
    For your information I would like to tell you that said Jamal Udin Afghani was born in Asad abad of Konar province of Afghanistan and he was not shitte he was Muslim .

    • @Ahmad Javid
      Thanks for correcting us
      we publish articles of our readers and friends who send these articles
      this is an open forum, if you have correct knowledge about something you can send us and we will publish it
      we are looking forward for your feed backs

  3. John Bijou says:

    nay Sires , regardless of where he was born , he remained a mystery , most likely an Iranian Ismaili ! Your nsistence upon his bein gborn plays into current politics since many parts of what is not Afghanistan always remained parts of the broader Persian Empire. Muslim or not he ws surely an Islamist. The debate is whether Islamists are Muslims? Most Sunnis AND Shiah think they are Khawarijis !

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