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August 17, 2017

Ismaili Khoja Community | History of Khojas

Ismaili Khojas/ Khoja

Khoja’s are basically Hindus converted to Mohammedanism and taught Shiah of Ismaili faith. As a rule Khojas have no mosque or Masjid. The Jamat Khana is their prayer house where they recite gnan (Knowledge) which is a free composition in verse of some parts of Koran and Hindu Mythology.
Their accepted scripture is “Dashavatar” conversion of Khojas to the Shiah Imami Ismaili sect is not a case of individual conversions but a mass or community conversion.
The Agha Khan is the spiritual head of the Ismaili Khojas and he was once regarded as having the sole right of determining who shall or shall not remain a member of the community but this right has been curtailed later by an act.

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