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August 17, 2017

What is Definition of Muslim & What is Kalma Tayyaba

There are two basic and fundamental conditions to be a Muslim or Muhammadan;
1– Oneness of Allah Almighty.
2– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah.
Simply stated any person who professes the Muhammadan religion, that is, acknowledges, that there is but one God, and that Muhammad PBUH is his Prophet, is a Muhammadan. Such a person may be a Muhammadan by birth or he may be a Muhammadan by conversion. It is not necessary that he should observe any particular rites or ceremonies, or be an orthodox believer in that religion; no court can test the gauge the sincerity of religious belief. It is sufficient if the professes the Muhammadan religion in the sense that he accepts the unity of God and the Prophetic character of Muhammad PBUH.

For becoming a Muslim all authoritative books of Islam are agreed that if a person believes in the unity of God(Allah) and Muhammad PBUH to be his prophet and also says that he is Muslim then he becomes a Muslim and no other formalities or rituals are to be gone through by him. There is unanimity among all Islamic scholars of all thoughts that ‘Kalma Tayyaba’ means ‘thee is no god except Allah and Muhammad PBUH is his messenger’. To be a Muslim a person must believe on ‘Kalma Tayyaba’. A person born a Muslim remains Muslim until he renounces the Islamic religion.


  1. pasha syed muslim says:

    kalima tayyab means
    lailaha illallahu ony
    tayyab ke mane pak pak woh hotahi na wo paidahuva na usko mout hi na khata hi na vo sotahi na use budhapa hi na use bachche hi wo pak hi srif Alla hi paigambars bande aur rasool hi wo paida huve aur margaye wo pak nahee ho sak te pak srif Allah hi

  2. where you get these Conditions??
    There are two basic and fundamental conditions to be a Muslim or Muhammadan;
    1- Oneness of Allah Almighty.
    2- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah.
    where you get this 2nd condition about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet of Allah?
    Is this new condition add by New Mullahs?
    Please correct this. True conditions are
    thee is no god except Allah and Muhammad PBUH is his messenger’.
    The word “Last” was never part of 2nd condition . I hope every one will understand

    • @Akram
      All Ulama of all major Islamic sects are agree on this point that Muhammad PBUH is the last prophet of God.

      and if someone not believes on that HE IS NOT MUSLIM.
      Do you think he is not Prophet of God?
      then tell us who else is?

      • I believe Akram is NOT saying that “Muhammad (PBUH) is not the last Prophet”, but rather that “the word ‘last’ is not included in the Kalima”.

    • Our Holy Prophet Mohammad -PBUH- is the last prophet because there is no prophet after him. and the prophethood ends with him, and Imamat starts.

    • Shehryar says:

      Pehli baat basic fundamentals srd ye do nahi hain or b hain.
      1. Oneness of Allah
      2.Mohammad (p.b.u.h) is the last messenger of Allah
      3. Believe in judgement day
      4. The 4 holy books of Allah ( taurat zuboor injeel and quran)
      5. And all the prophets and messenger of Allah.
      6. Farishton py emaan
      Agr in 5 baton py hamar pukhta emaan hai tou hum musalman hain.

  3. shabbirjafry says:

    inna maa ureedullah wali ait parhain pher aap ko pata chale a koon pak hain

  4. Yazeed ALi says:

    Shia kese muslim hosakte hen, unka kalma alag hai, woh sahaba ko nahen mante. Jo sahaba ko na mane kya woh muslim hai? Shiyon ke namaz alag hai? Hamare sare ahle hades aur deobandi ulma unko kafir bolte hen. Please sahi toor par wazahat karen aur deobandi aur ahle hades ke mustanad ulma ke beyan ke mutabiq baat karen, unko Ahmed raza barelvi ne bhe kafir kaha hai

  5. our kalima has 2 parts
    or ahle hadis or deobandi gustah e rasool hain
    infact deobandion ko to muslim b nhi kaha jata

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