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August 16, 2017

Battle of Yarmuk: History and Map of Great Islamic battles

Battle of Yarmuk or Yarmouk

The Battle of Yarmuk or Yarmouk is an important early battle of Islam which took place in 636 A.D. The Byzantines had some Arab allies. A large tribe, the Bani Ghassan, had migrated to Palestine, accepted Christianity, and settled in what is today Jordan, in the sixth century. They had a strong army of their own. The Byzantine Commander-in-Chief now flung these Ghassanids against Khalid’s small army. But Khalid was like lightning, impossible to catch. He made such an impetuous attack on the Bani Ghassan that he them in the Battle of Marj Rahit. He then joined the other Arab forces. It was at this time that the Caliph died, but the people soon elected  Hazrat Omer ibn al-Khattab, Hazrat Abu Bakr’s right-hand man, as his successor. So the campaign in Syria went on. The second Caliph, for reasons not understood to this day by many, dispatched another Commander-in-Chief over Khalid; he was Abu Obaidah ibn al-Jarrah, a venerable Companion of the Prophet, but no general. He was, however, a wise man. He kept Khalid as the Deputy Commander and the campaign did not suffer.

The two armies at last met on the banks of the small river Yarmuk. The day was hot and windy, and dust and sand blew in from the desert. Khalid chose the ground and the day. The northern men of Byzantine army did not like the situation at all, but they fought bravely, even desperately. It is said that they linked themselves together with chains, but they could not withstand the whirlwind attacks of the Arabs. The new army of Islam, though inexperienced and ill-trained cut down the great Byzantine army, and there was great slaughter. The river ran blood and the army of the Emperor was utterly destroyed. The Muslims had won their greatest battle so far. They had also won a decisive battle. After A.D. 636 Syria was lost to the Christians. This great battle of Islamic history which establish Muslims supremacy in the region.

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