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August 16, 2017

Battle of Camel – Battle of Jamal – Battle of Bassorah

The first battle between the Muslims is battle of the Camel.Hazrat Talha and Zubair and other prominent Medinites assembled an army and taking Hazrat Aisha with them, left for Kufa. Hazrat Ali soon learnt of their intentions. The was innocent, the world knew that, and it was not proved that Malik Al-Ashtar and Muhammad ibn Abu Bakar were the actual assassins of Hazrat Usman. He wanted no bloodshed between Muslims; if the Medinites wanted trouble, they must be stopped. He met the advancing army near Basra in December 656. He tried to persuade Aisha to stop this senseless war, but her counsellors would not agree. The only thing left was to fight. Aisha rode a white dromedary; Ali ordered that she must be captured, because that was the only way to end this bloodshed. The Medinites fought round the camel fanatically and the battle is known as ‘the battle of the Camel’.

It is said that seventy people died before her brother, Muhadmmad ibn Abu Bakar reached her mahmil and tried to lift her out. At this outrage she cried out,’ what impious hand dare touch the mother of the Muslims?’ Muhammad answered: ‘The same whom your mother carried in her womb for many months’.

The battle ended in a victory for Hazrat Ali. Talha and Zubair lost their lives on the battlefield, but Ali treated Aisha with great honor. She was so impressed by Ali’s nobility of conduct that she renounced polities. She was sent with an escort to Medina with all honors. In spite of this nothing was settled.
Battle of camel is important because first time Muslims shed the blood of their Muslim fellows in war after the death of Prophet Muhammad PBUH. This battle is also known as Battle of Jamal and Battle of Bassorah.

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