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August 17, 2017

Athna Asharias or Ithna Ashariyyah | Sub Sects of Shia Islam

Athna Asharias/ Ithna Ashariyyah/Shia Sub-sects
The Shias are mainly divided into three main sub-sects, namely, the Athna-Asharias or ithna ashariyya, the Ismailyas and the Zaidyas. Most of the Shias are Athna-Asharias so the resumption is that a Shia is governed by the Athna-Asharia exposition of the law.
Ithna Ashariyyah are also known as The Twelver because they believe on 12 Imams. They also believe that Imam Mahdi will be none other than the returned Twelfh Iman. 85 percent of Shias are Athna Asharia are majority lives in Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain.

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